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Rs. 1750000/-
The Wedding Photography & Bridal Make-Up Artist (Shankar & Prisanthi) Shankar (Photographer) & Prisanthi Make-Up Artist and Hairstylist plus she hold not only her Make-Up brushes but she also take the Camera with Shankar to capture the unforgettable moments. they both travel the world to capture Indian & Sri Lankan weddings. Our Team Photographers / Make-Up Artist, we cover not only in Germany but any where clints wish to have them they can come! the special on this pair, they work not only in Team but this a combo work, and all the photos are Taken by Shankar and 99% Make-Up is done by Prisanthi. Wedding is a passion for them and not only that they work on photos as a Combo to give you 100% look back again on your wedding day! Bookings you can book only Photography / Make-Up or just both in Combo Package.

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