MF 1200 ACTIVE - water,metal,gold,voids and gemstones detector

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This device is a developer of the device MF 1200 SMART, which has been updated and developed entirely ,has been developed transceiver systems, and equipped with more than a long distance sensing system to search and detection of targets underground. Supported also with ionic detection and verification system, In addition multi-lingual with smart modern software and TFT color display. MF 1200 ACTIVE, a specialist in detection and exploration for underground resources and mineral, gold, minerals, water, gemstone, diamonds, voids and cavities as well, with optional lists. Is a multi-detection systems device with several functions, it gives the explorer high-accurate results about the targets underground with locating points of drilling for target and the depth as well, supported by smart operating systems, which gives to user a complete and rapid control in all the settings of the device programs and seamlessly

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