Roto Clipper Electric Nail Trimmer

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Rs. 1350/-
Delivery: Will Charge (+Rs.100-Rs.500) Delivery Within One Week Delivery: All Island Market Price: Rs. 1,500/= Our Price: Rs. 1,350/= Save Rs. 150/= • Roto clipper takes all the pain, mess and hassle out of clipping your nails. • Nail clippers and scissors have been around forever, but they aren’t without their problems. People with mobility or dexterity issues find them hard to use accurately. The clippings end up on your floor or, worse still, pinging away across the room! • Just like dangerous scissors, it’s easy to cut yourself, or your children, literally ‘to the quick’ with traditional clippers, making the experience a painful memory that could lead to avoidance habits like nail biting or overgrown, unhygienic nails. • With Roto Clipper you can now safely, and easily, shape and file fingernails and toenails so accurately and painlessly that you’ll wonder why you stuck with clippers for so long. • Kids love using Roto Clipper because the double-side referral no 0317w

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